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By: Melissa Foster
Relase Date: 2015-10-28
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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Lizzie Barber has a secret. Not only does she run a floral business, she also has a podcast called "The Naked Baker" which she films at night in the basement of her home. The money she makes off her podcast helps pay for her sisters education. Blue Ryder met Lizzie at a mutual friends wedding and became fast friends. Blue, a carpenter, remodels Lizzie's kitchen. He's constantly asking her out but she refuses. When she finally decides to go out with him, there friendship turns into something more until he learns of her secret. Will they weather this unexpected turn in their relationship or will Blue walk away. I enjoyed Blue and Lizzie's love story. Narrator was just ok.
by: ajmeyer17

Seized by Love is the first book in the Love in Bloom/Ryders Series. This book is about Blue Ryder and Lizzie Barber's love story. Lizzie is flower shop owner during the day and the "Naked Baker" by Night. Her nighttime job however it mainly to put her sister though school and use the extra money to pay off her flower shop. Lizzie and Blue have known each other for years and Blue finally talks Lizzie into allowing her to date him but Lizzie fears her secret night job will be the end of their relationship. This was my first book of Melissa's and I found it to be well thought out and her characters very well written. There was a lot of character development and I felt like I really connected to them throughout the storyline. Melissa puts a lot of emotions into her characters and you can feel them in her writing style. There is also some great sex scenes which is always nice in a romance novel. I like that I also got to know other characters and want to read their books as well. I listened to this in audiobook form and the narration was well done. The tone, speed and inflections made the book very easy to listen to. I would listen to the narrator again.
by: Kidsfirdt81

Seized by love is a sweet and hot romance. Lizzie is a strong, hardworking heroine. She is doing her best to take care of herself and her family. She owns her own flower shop, but also runs a podcast to earn money to put herself and her sister through college. I have to say that I adore the Ryder family already and can’t wait to read more stories with this family in them. Blue Ryder has been trying to get Lizzie to date him, but she keeps him at arms length until the temptation of him gets too much for her. When Lizzie reveals her secret to Blue his immediate reaction kind of made me mad, but he eventually came to his senses and tried to help Lizzie and be there for her instead of being judgmental. “It was true what people said about going through difficult times together and how struggles could bring people closer together.” I listened to this story on audiobook and really liked the narration. The narrator brought the book to life for me in a way that made listening even more enjoyable than if I had read it myself. -4 Stars-
by: Ladydi232

Seized by Love by Melissa Foster was a great read. Lizzie is a woman who is very ambitious.She runs a successful flower shop and also runs a webcast that no one in her life knows about. She has put her life on hold to help in paying for her sisters college. Blue has fallen hard for Lizzie even though she keeps turning him down. I loved reading Lizzie and Blue's story. I can't wait to read more by Melissa Foster.
by: AshleyHedden

Who couldn't fall in love with Blue and Lizzie💕📖. If you are looking for a great book for the beach. Melissa Foster's books are great beach summer reading. The Ryder men are so hot that it makes you want to take a cold shower
by: KateW65

I really enjoyed the story of Blue and Lizzie, the first book in the Ryder series. Lizzie is a florist with her own business by day and the Naked Baker, a thriving webcast that she produces and hosts, at night to pay to put her sister through school. Blue is an all-around great guy who is fixing Lizzie's kitchen for her and falling for her at the same time. He doesn't know that Lizzie is the Naked Baker (no one does!) and keeps asking her out for more than a year. She finally gives in and it's smoldering!!! These two will melt your socks. Blue is everything any girl could want and Lizzie is no exception. Blue has been hurt in the past and will certainly see this as a deception so how does she let him know what she does to keep her sister in school debt-free? Find out when you join Blue, Lizzie and their friends and family in this great new series by Melissa Foster.
by: JenniVange

Melissa Foster has once again provided a great read that gets your heart totally involved with these characters. As Blue and Lizzie deal with their challenges I both laughs and cried for them. You also get to catch up with a few of the others from the series. Waiting for the next book. Loved it.
by: Grinandstampit