Wild Boys After Dark: Logan PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Relase Date: 2015-11-10
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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Thought it could be better
by: Great super duper book!!!

I’ve become addicted to Melissa’s books! I read one and can’t wait to start the next in the series. The Wild boys after dark is slightly edgier but the characters are well developed and you’ll cheer for them from the start. I’m getting worried about what I’ll do when I’ve finished her entire series!
by: Runtenator

Sorry not my kind of book. Have tried to delete it. Made me feel dirty to try to read it. Had to quit even though story line would have been fine without the smut influence.
by: Clean romancer

Left me hanging at the end of the story. It was good up till then.
by: Line Dancer Florida 54

Loved the book, but there are multiple pages that end in the middle of a sentence then cut to the next Chapter. Hard to continue when you don't know what happened before hand.
by: SmokeaRoach38

I love love love LOVE all things Melissa Foster. In her series Wild Boys After Dark the heat gets turned up to super sizzle. Logan is smokin HOT!!!! Add in the sexy voice of the narrator in the audible book and OH MY *fanning face.*
by: GabeyLou

I would seriously love to live Melissa Foster head for a day. The creatively is out of this world. To bad the Wild Boys are fiction and not real. I was totally touched by Logan and Stormy story. I absolutely loved it!!!!💕💕
by: KateW65