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Best book I read in 2018, hands down.
by: thewestbrooks

A heart- wrenching story with highs and lows and a profound connection continually established to the author. Thank you, endlessly, for telling your story; humanity, at least this one example of it, is better for having read it.
by: Ginacc

I read this book for school and absolutely loved it! I don’t usually read non-fiction books as I find them boring, but this book was the exact opposite. Even while I was reading this book it felt like a fiction book because of how unbelievable the story is. This story does not get slow at all, and has you on the edge of your seat the whole time. There is some parts that may be vulgar to some people, so I would recommend this to ages 14 and up. Overall, it is an extraordinary book that I would no doubt read again.
by: bookworms101

Thank you so much for writing this! This was written so well and i admire how you told me how estrangement can be a very loving situation (for myself!)
by: as9779

From survivalist to Cambridge grad-this is one harrowing journey.
by: svfan

By far my favorite book of 2018. Westover story is one that can inspire people from all walks of life and situations. What a great story and amazing read.
by: barrett.davis

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I was enamored from start to finish.
by: htarl