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By: Lee Child
Relase Date: 2018-11-05
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature

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I would have liked to have written a review on this book, but I can't even open it. It tells me that it's in a format that iBooks can't open...?
by: BBagwill

This was the worst in the series. No point to any of the story lines. Anticlimactic. Sad. I really enjoyed this series until this one.
by: 19ron57

I’ve read every one of the “Reacher” books. I enjoyed them. This was the worst, by far, of any. I’d bet dinner that Lee Child didn’t write it. In fact, perhaps the worst book I’ve ever read.
by: SLZ Tahoe

Read any other two Reacher books and you’re better qualified to write this questionable story line than whoever did...
by: ighjhvghjgvhjgvhjvg

Unfortunately, Mr. Child has written the worst of Reacher’s books - I have read all of them. Long and tedious narratives about irrelevant facts, senseless characters with no credibility (the guys running the motel?), few exciting parts, Reacher missjng from about 50% of the book. It seems another writer took over.?A major disappointment for me, didn’t see it coming.
by: Mierda1973

No disappointment. Child delivers again. I’d like to write the screenplay
by: Angst144

The book through Apple Books is a mess. Way too many truncated paragraphs that stop mid-sentence. Many many typos. The book and story line is not up to Lee Child’s normally good work. Convoluted and disjointed exacerbated by the above issues. A big disappointment.
by: AndyR1947