Long Road to Mercy PDF Download

By: David Baldacci
Relase Date: 2018-11-13
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature

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Agree with other reviewers. I am open to the new character and curious to see her story line continue... but this book was unlike any of his prior books - and I’ve read them all. Disappointing and far from prior quality. Like it was written by someone else altogether.
by: Connelly fan

Good heroine; interesting and moving at first; drifted into “far fetched” toward the end.
by: Stratsan

The most poorly written Baldacchi book I’ve ever read. Very disappointing. Atlee Pine has potential, but the next story needs a better, more believable plot. Baldacchi resorts too often to clipped prose. He adds filler action that does nothing for the plot and makes you believe he’s getting paid by the word, not for the story. Till now I’ve always enjoyed his books. This was an unfortunate exception.
by: EvenhandedOne

by: dtest666

The new character was interesting but this was a hard one for me to keep up with. No “thrill” factor at all
by: Thed.1

Huge disappointment. I have read all of his prior books. This one goes down the political rabbit hole. In America today you automatically lose half your audience.
by: CCR Fan.

Best adjective to describe this book is “laughable”. The plot, the characters, and the thinly veiled accusation that our current President would sell out our country makes it more so. Too bad Mr. Baldacci, I have read 99% of your publications; this is the last.
by: Raymond 231