Killing the SS PDF Download

By: Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard
Relase Date: 2018-10-09
Genre: History, Military

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Interesting historical report of German and Jewish survival skills before and after World War Two Hard to believe so many people could be so cruel to other human beings
by: KMJgma

I have read all the Killing books. I enjoyed them all. Bought this one as soon as I saw it. Very disappointed. I don’t feel the topic or maybe how it was written warranted a Killing book. Kept wanting more and then it just ended. I have missed O’Reilly on Fox, but I won’t be so quick to buy his next book. Just didn’t work for me. Sorry. Maybe it should have been Killing Hitler and The SS
by: hckhck22

Amazing like the rest of them
by: Against socialism

I have enjoyed almost all of the “Killing . . .” Books. This one, however, is based on hear-say, rumor, and propaganda. Some of the stories — such as the actions of the dogs at the women’s camp — sound like a bad movie script, made up. The book is only fair, not up to the “Killing . . .” Standards.
by: Dan Vermilion

Worst of the Killing series. Disjointed hodgepodge.
by: Hayward777

If you beoeive for a second that Bill O’Reilly wrote a single word of this or any book I have a bridge to sell you.
by: snookie1

Book begins on page 33 and ends at 365, has many pages of filler. No revelations, somewhat disjointed, and just reiterates known information. A poor addition to what has been a very good series that’s now progressively descending into poor work. Save your money.
by: Kursk1943