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By: Brandon Sanderson
Relase Date: 2018-11-06
Genre: Sci-Fi, Young Adult

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I’ve just picked up this book two days ago and like many of Sanderson’s works I’ve finished it within a few days of starting. The book is incredible as always and it’s filled with wittiness that will make you laugh along with storylines that can make you emotional enough to step away for a moment. It takes you through the wonderful journey Spensa goes through as she tries to become a pilot and it means a lot to me especially as someone who wants to pursue flight in the Air Force in the future. The book is inspiring and wonderful and I’d encourage anyone even remotely interested in either flight, fantasy, Sci-Fi or Brandon Sanderson to pick it up, read it and thoroughly enjoy it.
by: iJustRengar

Excellent read! Had a blast with the characters, and was thoroughly impressed, once again, by Sanderson. The writing is engaging from the beginning with a wonderful plot and an eclectic assortment of characters who complement each other in wonderful ways. A read for any who love an exciting fly.
by: JMaxumbrown

This book is amazing for many different reasons. One is the authors willingness to be real. What I mean by this is that the author is willing to kill off characters and give the harsh reality of things. Spensa is a artfully developed character with blatant insecurities and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Yet through all the gloom, there’s still hope. Amazing.
by: Rymek09

Man, this is a great read! I could not put this book down. I wish the second book was finished as well. This book sucked me into spin’s world just like Mistborn did. I love Brandon’s magic systems he builds, but this is a refreshing change! Keep them coming Brandon and I will keep reading!
by: Kramspark

My college grades plummeted due to this book, but it was far better than expected. I expected it to be really good. If you don’t read this, your going to spend your money on some other book which I can promise isn’t as good. Don’t believe me? Try it out. I challenge you- no regrets.
by: 한국이 좋다

I am currently in the middle of every single series of books Sanderson is currently working on and once again he leaves me hoping for the next one. Skyward is a wonderful book which seamlessly puts you into a familiar story with true Sanderson twists. It’s a novel you feel you know but he doesn’t disappoint throwing you curves that put a smile on your face and makes you fall in love with a story about a outcast of a girl, and quirky spaceship and a slug..... need I say more.
by: Jim bush

This story is a well-formed tale that expands upon the author’s already wide range of plot mechanisms and genres. The main character is dynamic and balanced equally with flaws and strengths. I read it all in half a day because I couldn’t put it down. Always I look forward to more works by Brandon, whatever the genre, whatever the plot. I absolutely recommend this read.
by: EliseJaneT