A Sucky Love Story: Overcoming Unhappily Ever After PDF Download

By: Brittani Louise Taylor
Relase Date: 2018-12-04
Genre: Family & Relationships, Nonfiction

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The book is a good read. It was definitely eye opening and interesting to gain a perspective on the protagonist’s experiences. However, the book did lack a lot of editing. I found some of the sentences were run on and lacked proper details—which kind of made it difficult to follow along. Overall, it was tragic to find out all this happened to a YouTuber I watched.
by: Hafsa.Razzaq1111

I've seen some of Brittani's videos here and there, but didn't really follow her or know too much about her. Not sure why I didn't, she seems lovely. However, I did see a pregnancy video she posted and then a video talking a bit about what she was going through afterwards (although very vague...for legal reasons, obviously). I was intrigued. This book explains it all, was well written, and easy to read. I finished it in 3 days.
by: anicole38

Can’t believe the horrible things Brittani had to go through. But it’s heart warming seeing how she is now with Rex ❤️
by: mose2617

I used to watch BLT on YouTube years ago when her and Shane would pretend to be goth, or Lady Gaga. To be honest I hadn’t heard any of the rumors since I’ve been away from YouTube raising my own family. I came across Shane’s conspiracy video by chance and immediately bought this book. I felt such sorrow for her and angry with the man who took someone who appeared to be so lighthearted and happy and inflicted so much pain. I cried several times and somehow felt relief when I read her outcome even though I already knew what would happen from Shane’s video. I pray for nothing but happiness for her and Rex and that nobody else ever has to endure what this family suffered. Well written, fast moving, honest and emotional. I very much hope BLT writes another book in the future. Something happy. She deserves a good dose of happy.
by: humplebuck

Thank you for surviving and putting your experience on paper. Back in the days when I watched your YouTube channel in High school I always admired your energy and content. I am happy that you survived and want to help others who might be facing this abuse. Thank you, and lots of love -Jay
by: freshieJane

I read this book in one sitting. It’s an easy and fast read. I skimmed over a lot of paragraphs. It could use more editing. This read like it was still in draft stage. I think her humor works on YouTube but it translates differently on paper. I commend the author for her vulnerability and sharing her experience. Those types of relationships are horrendous and hard to leave. She’s lucky she got out.
by: amandafghjkl

Although having some knowledge of Britanni and her endeavors as a YouTube influencer, she shines an honest light on the truth of what happens behind the scenes. It is unfortunate that she and her family had to endure so much pain but her growth is admirable. This book is one of the best books I’ve read and it’s the blunt, honest, truth that gives it its rightful impact.
by: clandestinesgirl