The Passage PDF Download

By: Justin Cronin
Relase Date: 2010-06-08
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Long but one of my favorites!
by: jimmmyjacobson

I absolutely loved this book. Great from beginning to end. I love how the story unfolds and keeps you coming back for more. It was difficult to put down. Way to go Justin.
by: Bagger33

If you love TheStand, as I do, then this book, this trilogy, will tip the scales for any reader. I love The Passage and all it’s intonations and meanings that JC has put forth in this tomb of a book. The characters become you and I become them and who am I echos throughout it’s pages
by: janetbeth

Couldn’t sleep , but loved it. I read the whole series!
by: rubydog@12

First part of the book engages. Then, around 600 pages in,( more than 2,000 pages on IBooks) sags like a beaten up old Turkish Army cot. Boring, confusing, and you could care less about these people. How this trilogy succeeds is beyond this readers comprehension. So dull, I didn't even finish it and deleted it from my library. Geoff Charles
by: Mnrker

Kept me wanting to know what would happen, but not the best I've ever read
by: Sdfrdeghfrjed

This was an amazing read ! It's probably the longest (881 pages) that I have read in quite awhile. Great story line, great characters and fun to read. I will say that there were a couple of places where it bogged down but it picked right back up and moved forward. Can't wait wait to read the second book of this series. I highly recommend it but make sure you are willing to make the time commitment.
by: Ohyeahfun