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By: Ian McEwan
Relase Date: 2002-03-12
Genre: Literary, Fiction & Literature

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An absolute, beautiful read.
by: axdrew

I was not looking forward to reading this because I was not a huge fan of the movie, and do not usually like romance-focused stories. However this book is far from just a romance, it is a very adventurous novel. I think people in the medical field, like myself, will especially enjoy it. It is now in my top 3 favorite books of all time.
by: Racniccha

On a deeply personal level, this is an amazingly beautiful novel. The language and tone are perfect. The characters and settings are painted in vivid detail. And the emotional impact is devastating. I’ve been a McEwan fan for awhile, but this novel transcends with its overall scope of life and betrayal down to its moments of individual truth found in a simple sentence. This is exactly the type of novel that makes us all wish to be writers.
by: JRubino

Brilliant novel by one of the greatest authors of our time. So powerful the ending will amaze you. Loved it so much purchased more of his works- I recommend them all!
by: Vienna Musik

I watched the movie first but I still liked the book much better loved it good read
by: Tiffers10705

Sure Brilliance!
by: jjcams