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By: Julie Garwood
Relase Date: 2011-05-10
Genre: Historical, Romance

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I loved JG's novel The Secret. I cant believe the same author wrote this book. From a 5 stars to 1 star... Problems i had with this novel: Ridiculous dialogue (not very witty, just a lot of silly back an forth that doesn't make sense). Another thing that doesn't make sense is the heroine. She sounds like a silly git. I don't understand how she could have such a "head for figures" and no head for conversation. She's so dense! The heroine is also very meek. There's a lot of indignation, but girl, DO something. I'm slightly past the middle of the novel, and I'm just fed up with her character. Read The Secret. Skip this one.
by: misschopsticks

Funny and pulls at your heart. Garwood consistency. Enjoyed.
by: Que5 TDD

I enjoyed the story line and the added mystery of the murders, I couldn't put the book down!
by: Kabewil

Loved, loved, loved this book. A very unique story of mystery and romance. Also, the humor was unexpectedly nice. I found myself openly laughing. I look for to reading another novel by her.
by: mom_of_the_man