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By: David Sheff
Relase Date: 2018-09-04
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs,

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Loved it. Went on to read the books by his son Nic Sheff. Also amazing. David Sheff even replied to me on Facebook!
by: IsabellaCaprice

Written well and very informative

I honestly can't say enough about how incredibly well-written this book truly is. Meticulously researched, it provides an entire mountain of information, explaining everything this father never wanted to learn about meth and addiction, but felt he needed to learn. In the desperate battle to save his son's life, this father comes very close to losing his own. As his son relapses repeatedly following treatment, the father grows increasingly more desperate and despondent. The continuous stress, worry, and self-recriminations, as he blames himself for his son's addiction, and searches frantically for solutions, takes it toll. Upon waking up in ICU following a brain hemorrhage, this father begins to realize that he himself has become an addict--addicted to his son's addiction. With a wife and 2 other small children who also need him, this father now faces an even harder decision. Whether to continue battling for his son's life, or his own? This is probably the best book ever written on this subject, certainly the best one I've ever read. The knowledge and insight it provides is invaluable. Especially for anyone struggling in coming to terms with the addiction of someone they love. This book was written in 2008, and I understand Mr. Sheff is currently writing a follow-up. All I can say is that I can hardly wait for it to hit the shelves!
by: jvsgooch

This book was so HARD, but so necessary to read! David, you were so able to capture my thoughts, anguish, feelings, love, pain, and on and on! You gave my struggle with my daughters addiction a voice. I am so grateful!
by: LaborLovinRN

This book, I learned of in a CARE class I was court ordered to take due to my probation because I was addicted to heroin for a few years. Sheff's account of his and his family's battle ran very parallel to my family's experiences, I played Nic's role in my story, but with a different devastating drug. I wanted to read about what the experience was for my parents. I must say, it was heart wrenching, real, and so well written. As an addict reading this, I couldn't help but to replay similar situations that we had been through in my head. If you're the parent of an addict, a friend of one, a sibling, a cousin, an aunt/uncle, grandparent, or an addict you should definitely read this. It was one of the best books I have ever read.
by: Alexiskori

Considering I hate sappy struggle books about making it alive, I was so pleasantly surprised when I finished thus book. It s witty, quick, profoundly personal and brutally honest. I loved it
by: Foskina6

Read this and his son Nic's books. All are incredible,
by: Jason1812